Core Values

One of the best ways to learn more about a church is to know what they value or hold as important in their philosophy of ministry. The following acrostic will help you identify some of our ministry priorities at Salt and Light.

S - "Scriptural Authority"
God's Word is the foundation for all we say and do in the ministry of Salt & Light.

A - "Attitude of Acceptance"
Our Goal is to accept all people in the church and make them feel welcome.

L - "Living in Prayer, Faith, and the Holy Spirit
The church belongs to God, so we must rely on Him to guide us through prayer, faith and God's Spirit.

T - "Team"
We believe in a united effort to work together for the common purpose of brining people to Christ and helping them become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

L - "Learning to Be Disciples"
Discipleship is not a purpose of the Church, it is THE purpose of the Church.

I - "Intentionally Relationship Centered"
The Church is people, so therefore the Church must be centered on relationships. At Salt and Light we value relationships in all we do.

G - " Gifts, Passion, Service"
The Church is most effective in ministry when people are serving with their spiritual gifts in their area of passion for ministry.

H - "Home Fellowships"
We believe the church must get larger and smaller at the same time. Our church is committed to the ministry of small groups.

T - "Timely Context"
At Salt and Light, we believe our mission is to present ministry in a way that relates to our cultural context.



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